Cageboy Hall of . . . .

CAGEBOY HALL OF FAME (in no particular order)

Kevin Smith
Steve Wynn
Mr. Siegfried and Mr. Roy
The Southland Corporation – the geniuses that give you the 7-11
Mitch Cumstein

CAGEBOY HALL OF SHLAME (Code words used to partially protect the innocent)

Continental Airlines

CAGEBOY HALL OF ALMOST FAME (these are folks who are not famous in their own right, but they are certainly famous folks to the Cageboys)

HRH SS – Exalted ruler of the Cageboys
Lady Mary Moo
Mad Michael D.
Candace, Wife of Biff
Professor Jack and his Creamy Mashed Potatoes


The guy who invented spray cheese. We suspect the guy was smart and all, and spray cheese is a novel invention, but we’re not really fans of spray cheese, so we can’t decide whether or not the achievement is laudable or not.


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