About the Cageboys

Ya know, we could post up a completely fictitious bio that made us out to be a couple of swingin’ doo-dads.  But here’s the point – who we are is not the important.  Our point of view, our look at the world around us, our likes and dislikes – that’s how you will know us!

Mookie and Skippy met whilst in the employ of a rich and powerful international super-company.  Our lowly station in that life found us tasked with much of the dirty work.  The gristle under the fingernails of the powerful executive we worked for.  We came to the realization that our work was much like that of the Circus Cageboy.  He’s the unfortunate fellow who worked in the maintenance and upkeep of the lion trainers charges – mucking out the cages, feeding, grooming and otherwise interfacing with the dangerous beasts without enjoying the upside of basking in the spotlight or reveling in the applause of the audience.  Servitude in its most basic and filthy of incarnations.  To this day, the Cageboy work ethic reflects that very notion.


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