The Return Of The Cageboy

Is there anybody out there in blogland?  The Cageboys have been SERIOUSLY derelict in our blogging duties.  Been doing some blogging for my real job – which I won’t bore you with – but I only have but so many words swirling around in my evil head. 

Frankly, the whole political season is taking it’s toll on my normally jovial demeanor.  We don’t do political here at Cageboy.  And no, I won’t endorse ANY candidate.  Unlike my church that flat out came right out and said that if I don’t vote for the candidate THEY endorse – it’s gonna be between me and the man upstairs.  No pressure though – free will and all that.  Whatever.  Dem, GOP, red, blue – take it outside.  I’m SO sick of the endless accusations and mudslinging on BOTH sides.  One guy will win and one guy will lose and frankly, it doesn’t really all that much matter WHO it is.  When you come right down to it – politics is a process.  The pres-o-dent doesn’t really have the power to change laws  – checks and balances and so forth.  Certainly, whoever is in the big chair has influence – but a whole slew of people need to agree before laws get made or changed.  And by the time a person ascends the ladder to be in a position to be voted into the highest political office in the land – they are OWNED by somebody.  Everybody is somebodies bitch because money makes the world go ’round.  If I had a couple of million bucks laying around, I’d buy me some politicians just to prove my point.

Vote Walken.  He needs more cowbell….


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