Will Someone PLEASE Fix This Kid’s Face?!

Has anyone else out there been bombarded with the online ads featuring the following unfortunate child:

Will someone please fix this kids face already?  I mean I hate to be all problematic and unfeeling and all, but this kid’s face has been ooging me out for months now.  Everywhere I go — Yahoo, Drudge Report, Boston.com — I’m greeted by this kid’s mug.  OKAY — I GET IT — there’s kids out there that need help, and we need to be more caring, and we need to give of our plenty to remedy their lack — but I’ve given, and I gave again at the office, yet this kid is still staring at me as I try to check ball scores.  Just sew the kid’s face up already.  See, I can’t do it — I’m here, and I don’t know how to fix the kid even if I were there . . . but you, the person posting this picture, you had the kid in your clutches at one point, and I’m hoping to the great Is above that right after you took the kid’s picture you had the common sense to take the kid to a doctor to fix that hole in his head.  How’s the poor kid eating soup?

So, again, I don’t want to be unfeeling or anything — best wishes to the kid, and I’ll contribute again next paycheck, and Kumbaya, and just say no, and all the other PC cliches and catch-phrases — but let me just conclude with another plea:  WILL SOMEONE PLEASE FIX THIS KID’S FACE?!


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