A Cageboy First

We have a lot of fun here at Ye Old Cageboy.com.  We’ve shared a lot of goofy stuff and tried to drop a few bits of knowledge along the way as we will continue to do!  But here’s a Cageboy first – a prediction – a premonition, if you will.  I haven’t exactly lit up on fire with Olympic fever just yet – but I have noticed that every time I hear “Olympics” this time around I’m hearing stories about the Chinese government clamping down on something or the bad pollution or China sweeping something or other under the rug while guests are in.  All kinds of controversy and bad Chinese mojo – which, if you’ve sampled it before, is the worst kind of mojo you can get.  Anyway – call it a vibe – a feeling.  We don’t know what exactly – but our Cageboy Defcon radar is twitching.  It’s all red and angry.  Cageboy #1 has a sinking feeling that something bad is gonna happen in China.  Who knows, maybe Lopez Lomong – the U.S. flag bearer for the opening ceremony’s Parade of Nations – will get hold of a bad spring roll and barf all over one of the athletes from the Albanian team.  Sure, it’s an international faux pas – and pretty embarrassing to boot all over another athlete in front of millions of people – Albanian or otherwise.  But really, on the grand scale – not that big of a deal.  Our Cageboy hackles wouldn’t  be so irritated and itchy for something small like that.  Let’s just be careful out there!


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