More of the Good Stuff

It’s been awhile since we shared a tasty treat with you here on  I have a good one for you today.  Having almost completely shaken the Diet Coke monkey from my back – I’m still left with a powerful thirst as a toil away each day.  And then I discovered Arizona Iced Tea Arnold Palmer Lite.  Half lemonade and half iced tea.  This is some goooood stuff.  Plus, it comes in these enormous “Alice In Wonderland” size cans or handy 1 gallon jugs.  I’ve also seen a green tea variety – but there’s really no need to mess with the original formula.  The can is adorned with all sorts of highlights from the career of golf legend Arnold Palmer who apparently “invented” the drink.  Arnold is making some sweet coin for pretty much getting his chocolate in my peanut butter by mistake.  But I can’t begrudge the guy – this is some tasty bev.  You wouldn’t think there’d be much rocket science to mixing equal parts lemonade and tea – but on a recent road trip, the highway Quick-E-Mart I stopped at didn’t stock the real-deal Arizona version and so I opted for some lesser concoction that was put out by a local dairy.  It had the same name on the label as the chocolate milk I bought for my kids.  Never trust a dairy to deal in anything other than milk and cheese.  It was hard to describe,.  It was almost if the tea part was too thick.  It left a disgusting brown residue on the walls of the container as I poured it into my glass.  Ooooooooggggyyyyy.

We don’t hand out product endorsements to just anyone here at  The items and services we mention are products and purveyors we actually use or experience.  So, let’s review

Arizona Iced Tea Arnold Palmer Lite is tasty and refreshing.
Continental Airline sucks.
Subway sandwiches rule.
Jaws is the greatest movie ever made.
Ruby Tuesday is a step up from fast-food but still sucky.
Patton Oswalt is the funniest guy on the planet.
Mighty Putty is a miracle fix-all – the greatest home repair tool since duct tape.
George Carlin will be missed.
Jimmy Buffett is a whore.
Lee Greenwood sucks.
Camaros are cool.
Netflix makes you watch bad movies.
The Elvis pinball machine rules!
and something terrible has happened to Donna Summer.

There, you’re all caught up with the Cageboy Universe of opinions.  I encourage you to stroll back through the blog and read what you may have missed – but that’s the upshot of the whole thing thus far.  You’re welcome!


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