We Love you George

I’m having a stark vision of George Carlin at the Pearly Gates, but the only thing running through my mind is,

“What are you, the Statute of Liberty, Dunn?”

“Oh, sorry Father.  Anyhow, Father–let’s say that you didn’t make your Easter Duty.  And it’s Pente-cost Sunday; the last day.  And you’re on a ship at sea.  And the chaplain goes into a coma.  But you wanted to receive.  And then it’s Monday, too late…but then you cross the International Date Line!”

Here’s hoping that all your Heavy Mysteries are now answered, George, and that Buddy Christ has welcomed you and Cardinal Glick home.

Rest in Peace.

(Note From Skippy: The YouTube link below is of the longer version of the bit that Mookie’s excerpt comes from.  If you have never heard it – set aside 10 minutes and listen.  If you have heard it, I think you’ll find it is as funny as it ever was.)




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One response to “We Love you George

  1. cageboy

    I think it’s important to share that Mookie and I have been buddies for a good long time and from the very first day I met the jolly Mookster, we have always addressed each other using the generic New York dumb guy voice George does for this bit!

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