APB – Mookie MIA, Call CSI, WTFUSOB?

I get notes.  I get a lot of notes.  And I’ve heard enough that I feel I need to address this situation here and now before the media and the internet rumors spin out of control.  I have not killed Mookie, chopped up his body parts in a wood chipper and buried him at the bottom of a lake.  That’s so silly that you’d think that!  I mean just ’cause the guy hasn’t posted anything in, like, ever – is NO reason to suspect foul play.  What can I tell you, he’s a busy guy, family man, hunting enthusiast, snappy dresser and one hell of a square dancer!  He’s got diverse interests, dontchaknow!  Now some of you have flat out speculated that there is no Mookie  – that he’s a figment of my imagination.  That’s just patently ridiculous.  Terrance is my imaginary friend that no one can see but me and he doesn’t even like Mookie all that much.  Or perhaps Mookie has finally fulfilled his lifelong dream and has run off and joined the Circus.  Look, man, I’m telling you IT’S NOT ME!! I don’t KNOW where he is, man


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