I’ve Got Some ‘Splainin’ To Do

I’ve gotten some e-mail regarding our banner up at the top of Cageboy.com.  We’ve changed it out a couple of times.  We’ll probably continue to rotate different banners up there.  Just when the mood strikes the Mookster or me – or we come across a particularly fetching or oddball photo, we’ll fashion it into a banner and SPLAT there it will appear.  Last week, we had a banner that featured longtime WWE wrestler George “The Animal” Steele.  Wherever George is – we wish him God’s speed.  Good on ya, Animal!  The man built a career out of acting like a ‘tard – heck, I do that everyday and I haven’t seen a red cent!   George made it work for him – I respect that.

Steve Wynn, Super GeniusThis week, we changed out the banner to freshen up the page a bit.  No, that’s not Mookie and me up there in our tiger print tuxedos (although, we do own some of those) – that is indeed The Masters Of The Impossible, Siegfried & Roy.  The e-mail I’ve received speculates that we are in some way bashing S&R with our tribute up there.  Quite to the contrary.  Believe it or not, Mookie and I are big fans of S&R!  While we are not big gamblers, you might find it interesting that my main Mook and I do consider ourselves Vegas-philes – that is, connoisseurs of all things Las Vegas.  Got a Vegas inquiry?  Fire us an e-mail.  Need to know which are the must-see shows?  Looking for a good $7 steak?  Who has the best pool scene?  Mookie and I got the lowdown on all that stuff.  And as such, and before it closed, Mook and I have each seen the Siegfried & Roy show at the Mirage on numerous occasions.  Say what you will about S&R, their act and their production revolutionized the business of show in La La Land!  Just as our hero, Mr. Steve Wynn completely changed the image of the LV Resort in the 80’s with The Mirage, and then the Bellagio and now with his exquisite Wynn Resort.  Steve Wynn said, “make the resort itself the attraction”.  That’s genius!  Think about it – The Volcano at the Mirage, the pirates at Treasure Island, the Fountains at Bellagio?  All Vegas icons today – all born from the pulsating super-brain of Steve Wynn.  He is a genius of the highest order and if there was such a thing as a Cageboy hall of fame – he would surely be in it.  He’s at least on a short list of people that the Cageboys REALLY admire a heaping pant load!   In fact, S&R and Steve Wynn MADE Las Vegas.  Sure, Bugsy Siegel had to do his part and take one in his dome piece back in the day and sure The Mob had their go at it – and bat-shiat crazy Howard Hughes ran the Desert Inn for a time – along with half the hotels on the Strip.  But Wynn and folks like S&R made it what it is today.  We salute ye Real Men of Las Vegas Genius!  Viva Las Vegas, indeed!


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  1. Circman

    Extra! Extra! Read all about it…

    “Winner Takes All” by Christina Binkley

    The inside skinny on Steve, Sheldon, Kirk and Gary as they renovated Glitter Gulch.

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