Cosplay – WTF???

Ya know – we live to educate here at  In my daily wanderings through the magnificent interweb, I came across an article and a series of photos that stopped me dead in my tracks.  Like a bad Jerry Seinfeld impression, I found myself muttering, “Who are these people?”  You have to skip pretty far into the nerd forest to find the Cosplay crowd.  No really – check out these photos.

I’m gonna go ahead and plead ignorance on this one.  I’m sure by and large these are nice folks and we are nothing if not tolerant of alternative lifestyles here in Cageboy-ville.  But I don’t get the whole Cosplay phenomenon.  And all the photos after the jump appear to have been taken at a convention of sorts – so they’re organized as well.  And clearly they’ve put some time, money and energy into their costumes and props.  I think I’d prefer to stay in the dark about exactly what their kink is with all this Cosplay business.  It’s all very elaborate and shiny – but seriously, Renaissance Fair people laugh at these guys.  Civil War reenactors point and scoff under their breath.  Well, I’m here to warn those detractors right here and now along with anyone else who might aim to disparage the Cosplay crowd – these nerds are heavily armed!  My God, look at some of the medieval cleavers and heavy artillery these guys are sporting.  Don’t mess with the Cosplay geeks!  Live and let live, my friends.  Clearly, they’ve got an agenda.  Ya know what else they have?  Cute chicks.  This level of geekery in this particular ring of nerd-town doesn’t generally attract even marginally-hot women.  So, there might be something to this Cosplay business after all.  On the surface, one would think this is the domain of guys like Comic Book guy from the Simpsons sewing away on their shiny outfits in their mother’s basements.  But oh no – check out the pix.  There are some honeys hanging at the Cosplay convention!  Methinks this will require further research.  But please, if you come across a picture of me with elf boots and a set of wings sewn to my elaborate jesters outfit – just please come kick my ass.  Stage an intervention – just help a brother, k?


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  1. natalie

    the whole point of cosplay is that you can dress up as your favourite character from a manga, anime or video game. There are events where many people cosplay and you get loads of really random photos or you get your picture taken with strangers who may be dressed as your favourite character or they want a photo of your costume. It is also a chance to meet others who are fans of the same thing(s)

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