Camaro — Why doesn’t my Wife Understand?

Okay, see, here’s the thing — in the first quarter of 2009 Chevy is coming to market with an early 2010 model Camaro based closely on the concept car they introduced in 2006.  It will premiere with the coupe in three trim levels, with the convertible coming later in the year. . . . .

And I want one.

And my wife, for the life of her, cannot understand why.

And, to be wholly honest, I don’t fully understand myself.  But just the same . . . . I really, really want one.

Granted, I was taken in by the concept car — the sleek lines, the low profile, the chrome and leather interior with just the right mix of retro and modern.  I was taken IN.  And now it appears the production model will closely mirror the concept, particularly in the interior styling.

Now, I’ve never been a “car” guy.   Though my Daddy taught me all about how to service cars, since I’ve had my own I’ve always Jiffy Lubed it.  And it’s not like I spend a lot of time handwashing and waxing my car — I don’t.  I’ve never tinkered with the engine, or added ground effects, or even tinted the windows.  I’m not a CAR guy.

But for some reason, I’m really in the mood to get behind the wheel of my own American Muscle car.  It almost feels like a right of passage that I never passed through.  When I was a teen our family had a whole slew of cars.  I learned to drive in a 7 year old Volvo Station Wagon — thing was friggin tank, and then quickly transitioned over to a Dodge Colt which I think my dad found in an oversized box of Cracker Jack.  And we had an 8 passenger Ford Van with a V-8 engine, two gas tanks and a fold out rear seat.  They were great (the Van almost killed me, but that’s another story), but I never had the sports car experience at that age. 

Since then I’ve mostly been an SUV guy.  Yep, I’m one of those — a guy who lives in the suburbs, in a temperate state, where we have significant snowfall maybe once every three years, but I MUST have a Four Wheel Drive capability at all times.  I had a couple of Ford Explorers, which were great, but they acccelerated like a grizzly bear after a large meal.  I’m currently sporting a Toyota 4Runner (the Vomit Comet–but that’s also another story) which I have loved, but I’m starting to feel the need for something lean and mean.

Which is part of the problem.  I’m not just a guy; I’m a Dad.  And I have more than 1.5 children; which means that having a sports car will mean having to take the Mini Van anytime I want to take them all somewhere without the Mom (and No, my reluctance to drive the Mini Van isn’t some misogynistic gag-reflex–it’s just that our Mini Van rocks that oh-so-lovely french fries and kid-sweat smell) — and taking the kids somewhere without the Mom is one of the great treats to being a Dad.

But regardless — the Camaro wish is still there (the kids will take turns going with Dad, right?), and I’m wanting the Wife to put away the crook eye and look forward to our first speeding ticket in my Mid-Life-Crisis-Mobile!

Maybe she’s right.  It’s not too practical.  Gas mileage is too low; new models are too expensive; too few passengers; increased insurance premiums . . . . .  She’s right, I’ll look like a creepy, middle-aged poser trying without success to re-live a youth best left in the past.  Instead I should act my age and buy a used, hybrid station wagon . . . . 




And that’s all I have to say about that. . . . .



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5 responses to “Camaro — Why doesn’t my Wife Understand?

  1. Seriously? Seriously?

    It isn’t that I completely oppose the idea of the ridiculously impractical purchase of the Camaro. My problem is that you are NEVER happy with your car. You spent three years longing for the 4Runner. EVERY time we saw one on the road, I had to wipe the drool off of your chin. You say you want a Camaro but I know that once you get it, you will want something else. I will have to listen to you describe your absolute need for another ridiculously impractical car for the extent of the lease of the Camaro. My car might smell like root bear and cheese but it is PAID for. That is all I have to say about that. . . .

  2. Very cool car. I understand the love for this car.

  3. Mookie's Baby Momma

    Can I have a mini cooper?

  4. cageboy

    I want a car that runs on something other than $4+ a gallon gas. Maybe a nice import that runs on chocolate Yoohoo with bitchin’ racing stripes!

  5. blasterhappy

    I had to listen to my wife every single day about my 1971 Camaro Z28 project. She called it the “POS” for the first 2 years then when it became the beauty it is today (5 years later) she BEGS….BEGS I drive it. I say “Nope, you said I would never do anything with it and that it was a complete waste of time and money and that I was going through a phase.
    Now I joke saying that I will never get rid of it and that I will be buried in it. Her instructions when I die is to have a sun roof put in and to put me in the driver seat. When my beloved Chihuaha, Harley dies she is to dig down to the sun roof and drop Harley in on the Passenger seat. When she dies she ha to sit int he back! HAHA! Good Luck. Woman never understand things like this. It’s a man thing!

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