Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Up until the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie, I considered the Indiana Jones movies the singularly best action/adventure films ever made. Action/Adventure was never a genre I really cared for all that much until or since the Raiders movies came out in the early 80s. Me, I’m all about the comedy – I’m talking Komedy with a capital K. But Raiders had that subtle comedy in it and terrific landscapes that just made it for me. I think the first Pirates movies shared a lot of those qualities and that’s why I like it so bad as well. The subsequent pair of Pirates movies got a little silly for me with some of the half-fish, half-Pirate characters. But I love the Captain Jack Sparrow character! If Indiana Jone and Captain Jack could team up and battle some Nazi Pirates – I smell Oscar!

Later this month “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” is slated to hit theaters and I was initially very excited to see it. I could get past the fact that Harrison Ford is 137 years old – it’s Hollywood baby – smoke and mirrors – industrial lighting – digital effects – I doubt you could even notice that Indy is now a card carrying member of AARP and uses a walker. I’m just kidding – I will race to theaters to see the new flick. But here’s the thing that’s ruining it for me. The critical landscape is vastly different than it was in 1981 when the original was released thanks to a little thing called the internet. Well, now every idiot with an axe to grind spews all over the place with “reviews” and “spoilers” and the like. Hey, have you been reading Good, ain’t it? Anyway, what’s cooling some of my white hot desire to see the movie is early reviews all over the internet say it stinks. I’m trying to avoid them – so, I don’t know specifically what the beef is – just that GENERALLY it’s getting panned. This might very well be the work of disgruntled, Spielberg hating fan boys blogging from their Mom’s basement. Which reminds me – have you read Funny stuff, right? In any event, STOP IT!

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