Diner, Drive-Ins, Dives and Indigestion

We got no biography to speak of – so you’ll just have to get to know me and the Mookster by and by.  Here’s a nugget…we’re both members of the bigman’s club.  Not talking sloppy fat and sweaty – just big and proud to lumber through this life with our heads held high knocking down trees.  Yeah, that’s it – like strapping lumberjacks – THAT kind of big.

So, anywho, a couple of days ago I started a great experiment that I originally had decided against blogging on.  But what the hell?  You already know about my unnatural obsession with American Idol – I might as well let you know about this too.  I started on the NutriSystem to drop a few L-B-S.  No big deal. 

Today is day 2 of Ye Olde NutriSystem.  Not bad.  The food ain’t bad.  I like that it comes all ready to go.  A minute in the microwave and boom – I’m eating it.  Tastes like real food.  I can tell my metabolism is already going wonky on me.  It’s like I’m good, not hungry, not hungry, not hungry……starving.  There’s no more of that slow burn – I’m either full up or starving.  That’ll even out, I’m sure.  I don’t know if this has anything to do with the diet – but I haven’t been able to drink a diet coke with the new food.  It’s like the carbonation doesn’t sit well with the heavy protein in the food.  That and the fact that I’m trying to down 8 glasses of water a day – 4 standard bottles.  Doesn’t seem like a lot – but tell that to my bladder.  Good Lord!  I also like that I have a little check list for when I eat stuff.  It’s all planned out.  It’s more like a run down to make sure I eat everything I’m supposed to.  There’s a lot of little snacks and things that are easy to overlook.  Right now, I’m pretty much up to date – more water and I believe I have a fruit serving and a dairy serving in the form of string cheese waiting for me in the fridge.  Lunch is fettucini and salad with fat-free dressing.  Hey shut up – I gotta look forward to something.  Dinner tonight is pizza, which I snatched from the bottom of my dinner-box at home.  Yum! 

As I’m flipping around the stations on the magic picture box last night I came across that Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives show on the food network.  Normally I really like this show.  The host basically rolls around the country and shows off the really horrifying food served at establishments like the Vienna Inn all over the country.  Really super bad for you diner and bar kind of food.  Which I love!  Last night, as I munched on my NutriSystem peanut butter cookie, I found it to be like way over the top hard-core food pornography.  I had to look away and change the channel.  That’s probably not a good sign, eh?

UPDATE:  Wednesday, 5/14 – here it is two days later.  I’m off it.  God bless you if NutriSystem is your thing and it works for you.  At least one reader of the blog is valiantly plugging away it and I encourage them with every fiber of my being – but it just wouldn’t work for me.  I hit a speed-bump at lunch on the day I wrote this initial blog.  The fetuccini made me ill to the point that I’m still not fully over it.  And it’s probably me – it’s more in my head than in my stomach – but that little cup of awful threw me for a loop.  However, I feel like I got a good – albeit brief – education on portion size.  No, I think I’ll opt for some more traditional approaches to diet and exercise and will forego my big box of NutriSystem approved foods.


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