Mookie talks about

Here we are; the dawn of a new day in blogging.  WELCOME one and all to — the world within a world – – the Show within a Show – – the one – – the only – –  THE GREATEST SHOW ON . . . .

Nope, can’t do it; can’t bring myself to malign, imitate or desecrate the sacred, the hallowed — NAY the GREATEST TRADEMARK ON EARTH!

Wait — may have just done that.  My bad. is a dream more than a decade in the making.  Back in the day when Skippy and I were first designated Cageboys (did others designate us that, or did we designate ourselves – – or did we each designate the other — I forget) we contemplated a place where our thoughts could infect, enlighten, spew forth upon, become delivered by unconventional means to, take a place among the other great works of the World.   But after looking at the costs of writing a book, we decided to simply exist here in the ether — among the packaged goods advertising and porn shops.

And that’s all I got to say about that.





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5 responses to “Mookie talks about

  1. I think you are the smartest person I ever met.

  2. cageboy

    You said it, Langerhands. My boy, the magic Mook-inator is wicked smart. His head is just pulsing with gobs of brain juice.

  3. cageboy

    Oh hey – point of order there Mook. Your brain is far too polluted with caffeine and Taco Bell to recall the origins of Cageboy. It wasn’t a matter of designation – self or otherwise. Whilst you and I were in the employ of a major unknown corporation, we were toiling away in the mire of the lowliest tasks on earth when we realized that our existence was much like that of the lowly Cageboy in the circus. The lion tamers assistant who dealt with the perils of working with the dangerous beasts and cleaning up the smelly issue of same – but without the benefit of standing in the spotlight or wearing the spangly, bright outfits. Yep, muck-raking Cageboys, we remain.

  4. I like “spangly” — we should use that word more often; and there should be more opportunities to wear spangly, bright outfits.

    spangly,spangly,spangly,spangly,spangly,spangly,spangly,spangly,spangly,spangly,spangly, . .

    Word’s lost all meaning.

  5. Bearded Lady

    Along with those spangles, don’t forget tights and clogs!

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