Did the Man say Schizo about Sex?

Oh, so very timely.

In Skip’s rant against the Milester, he quotes King Horn-Dog’s defense of soft core child porn, noting that “I think it’s a reflection of how schizophrenic America is about sexuality”.  Sha-whaddya-say?

I’m not sure exactly what Hef’ means — are Americans internally conflicted about sex, or is all America conflicted about sex?  I presume he’s getting at the fact that on the face we all act shocked when we see a naked body, yet Sex is a $3Billion industry (“Oh, what is this, a Por-no-graphic vid-eo? Oh, heavens, I’ve never even SEEN one of those.  Gluteous to the Maximus–didn’t that win AVN’s best group scene in 1998?”).  And though that may be true, I think we’re all on board with keeping naked kids off the front page of fashion mags — see THAT’s the point, Hef’, you octogenarian perv’ — we American’s loves us our sex, but we still like to keep the KIDS out of it.  Remember:

“I think we should protect the world for our children, but not for our children’s children–because I don’t think children should be having sex.”   – Dr. Jack Handey

So just because you’ve sported wood since the third grade and been proud of the feat, don’t think that the rest of us are somehow conflicted or mental when we say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  I’m not a vegetarian just because I won’t eat Double Quarter Pounders with Cheese (THAT’s a big burger), and I’m not a prude because I don’t want to see a nekkid kid.

And that’s all I have to say about that.



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One response to “Did the Man say Schizo about Sex?

  1. Skippy

    You know what Mook? I’m ALREADY beginning to become concerned at the keywords that might ping our little gab-fest – let’s see ‘kiddie porn’, ‘horn dog’,’Pornography’,’Miley Cyrus naked’ – hey, come to think of it, posts such as these might be the most brilliant viral marketing ever foisted on the electric interweave. Good job, buddy!

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