Continental Airline Sucks

Hey folks,

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah – is finally here and it’s the greatest thing since Diet Coke.  So shut up and read it, will ya?  Lemme just preface this post with a free admission.  I’m tired and cranky.  If air travel is in your future, I implore you to avoid Continental Airlines.  Those ass-clowns wouldn’t be capable of manning the fry-o-later at a HoJos much less getting you from point A to point B with anything resembling efficiency.  Let’s just say, I had a bad experience and leave it at that.  I will tell you that in addition to dealing with some wicked reverse jet-lag, my nerves are completely shot from my 12+ hour bi-coastal excursion this week which included delays, gate changes, equipment malfunctions, air-safety SITUATIONS and worse yet…Pepsi.  The telltale?  Free unlimited booze.  Lemme just clue you in – if your airline is bribing you with free unlimited alcohol – they KNOW they screwed the pooch.  They want you good and liquored up by the time you get out of their airborn death trap so you are physically incapable of assaulting and otherwise man-handling their hapless gate agents on the other end.  And as far as that goes – nice work ladies and gentlemen of Continental.



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